Hi there! My name is Vadim Brodsky (though officially its Vadims Brodskis, because thats how the Latvian language works). Some of you might know me by my Twitter handle @jamiejakov (why jamiejakov?). I was born in Riga, Latvia and have lived there for 17 years, after which I have come to Sydney, Australia to get a university degree and settle down.

Currently working as a Associate Developer at WiseTech Global. Recently graduated from the BScIT BAIS course in UTS (University of Technology Sydney). Still webmaster of [email protected] and AnimeSydney. And IT Director of SMASH!

Love technology, anime, games, and traveling, so thats what I'm mainly going to blog about. I also swim and playing the trumpet (though I haven't had much time for that lately). Got into photography, so I hope you like my photos. Gaming wise - Overwatch, Hearthstone, Street Fighter, WoW, etc.

Aside from that I know 5 languages (in the order that I learned them):

  • Russian - mother language
  • Latvian - country language, and all the subjects in school were taught in it
  • English - have been learning since I was 3 years old
  • German - learned it in school (around 7 years), haven't had any practice lately
  • Japanese - since 1st year high school, passed JLPT N2 in uni

Hope this gave you an idea of who I am and what to expect.

Please enjoy my blog.